Grievance Mechanism


OurJourney Matrimony App values its users and aims to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. To ensure user satisfaction and address any concerns promptly, we have established a robust grievance mechanism. This mechanism allows users to report issues, complaints, or grievances they encounter while using the app. The grievance mechanism is overseen by a designated Grievance Officer who acts as a point of contact for users seeking resolution.

Grievance Mechanism Process

  1. Reporting: Users can report grievances through the app's designated reporting feature or by contacting the Grievance Officer directly via email.
  2. Initial Assessment: Upon receiving a grievance, the Grievance Officer conducts an initial assessment to determine its nature, urgency, and scope.
  3. Investigation: If the grievance requires further investigation, the Grievance Officer initiates a thorough examination of the reported issue, gathering relevant evidence and information.
  4. Resolution Attempt: Based on the investigation findings, the Grievance Officer attempts to resolve the grievance promptly and fairly. This may involve reaching out to involved parties, implementing corrective measures.
  5. Communication: Throughout the process, the Grievance Officer maintains open communication with the user, providing updates on the progress and seeking feedback on proposed resolutions.
  6. Closure and Follow-up: Once the grievance is resolved satisfactorily, the Grievance Officer closes the case, documents the resolution, and may conduct follow-ups to ensure the issue remains resolved.

Grievance Officer Contact Information

Please note that as per Section 79 of the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000, intermediaries are exempt from liability for third-party content hosted or transmitted through this platform, except in cases where illegal activities are brought to our attention for prompt action.

The Grievance Officer: Chandru will contact you about your concern from 10 am to 6 pm IST, Monday through Friday, except on Indian public holidays.


OurJourney Matrimony App is committed to fostering a positive and safe environment for all users. The grievance mechanism and dedicated Grievance Officer ensure that users can report concerns with confidence, knowing that their grievances will be handled promptly and fairly. By promoting transparency, accountability, and effective communication, we strive to enhance user trust and satisfaction within our community.